Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles 
Our programs in Healthy Lifestyles develop our members' capacity to engage in positive behaviors that nurture their own well-being, set personal goals, and live successfully as self-sufficient adults.

Inclusive Policy 

Our inclusive policy is based on making BGCB a fun and all inclusive place within our community. Our doors are open to anyone regardless of their, gender, sexual preference, ethnic background or economic standings. Here at the Club we strive to make this a safe environment for our LGBTQ youth within this community. We are here to create a shared understanding of inclusive and affirming language and vocabulary, build momentum around a national dialogue on how to best support our youth, and to identify strategies to cultivate a safe and positive environment for all the youth we serve each day. 

Our SMART Moves (Skills Mastery and Resistance Training) program helps our young people learn the confidence and conflict resolution skills they needs to resist peer pressure related to alcohol, tobacco, and drug use, and premature sexual activity.

Our Healthy Habits curriculum is designed to incorporate healthy living in every part of our members' lives. The program emphasizes good nutrition, regular physical activity, and improving one’s overall well-being.
The Passport to Manhood program at the Boys & Girls Club of Brockton engages adolescent boys in discussions and activities that reinforce character, leadership, and positive behavior as they make the transition from childhood to manhood.

Our SMART Girls program helps adolescent girls explore their attitudes and values as they build skills for eating right, staying physically fit, getting good health care, and developing positive relationships with peers and adults.

Kids Cafe' Healthy Meals Program 

The types of community disadvantage that Brockton faces can have a profound negative impact on its children in the areas of health, learning, and safety. Compounding this is a low-income, urban setting where fast food is cheap and readily available, with few grocery stores and restaurants offering healthy foods. 57% of our members live in a single-parent home and 65% are part of households which earn $33,000 or less per year. Many Brockton families struggle to put food on the table, gain steady employment, or afford key essentials. As such, our Kids Cafe' Healthy Meals program is one of the most essential components of these services provided to Brockton families. 

We provide nutritious meals to our youth each evening during the academic year, and both breakfast and lunch during the summer months to ensure that no member who wishes to eat at the Club leaves hungry. Each day we serve meals to nearly 200 of our members; totaling more than 4,000 meals served per month and nearly 50,000 meals served annually. In addition to meal service, we work to teach our members how to choose healthy foods when they are not at the Club and to make the connection between eating well and feeling well and healthy. We also aim to eliminate the anxiety that comes with never knowing where one’s next meal will come from. By removing this constant worry from the minds of our members, we can free them up to better apply their efforts in school and to be able to just be kids. 
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